anthromorphic fish

fish out of water.
wearing tap shoes.

Sep 19
“My first and last chance to get some rest and actually sleep a full night this week and next without waking for work. I’m utterly exhausted and slowly getting sleep sleep deprived.”

Aug 31



Laying in the shower sobbing.

I can’t.

This isn’t fun. This is torture. So abrupt. And so sudden I know naught from whence it grew.

Yesterday and the days before. No matter how difficult I still enjoyed myself and had fun.

Today. No. This has been a wreck.

Everything crumbling in my hands.

Oh man.

Watch it break.

Aug 15
“it’s weird.
i still know when i’m being lied to.”

Aug 6
“Do not complain about being broke when you do it to yourself. You have money. You just blow it on things.
I have a budget that I follow. It allows me to maybe have a meal out here and there. Sometimes it doesn’t and I still do and then I struggle. That’s my fault.
Unexpected bills. Also my fault to some degree.
But I make do. I struggle along.
Bit do not fucking whine to me or anyone else if you have had a vacation this year. Let alone 3-4.
Beach. Morocco. And then this was going to be one.
Bitch you’ve spent your money. Quit boohoo’ing and suck it up. Guess what you can afford that apartment. Just not by being a dumbass.
I make less than you. And my bills are equal if not greater than yours. Guess what. I’m alive and still working my ass off.”

“I can’t handle adults acting like children. How petty can folks be on a day to day basis?
How do you ever expect anyone to take you seriously as a human being?”

Jul 24
“Fuck me for trying.”

“Another day in extreme solitude.”

“I want you to want to spend time with me.
I can’t ask for your time anymore. Every time I do someone has already claimed it.
And you don’t ever ask of mine.
If you truly don’t want to see me. Sit with me. Watch tv or eat together.
Just say so.
If you don’t I have nothing left but to assume you don’t want me anymore…”

“Am I really so unloveable?
What have I done?
To deserve this?”

As you rush to be rid of me,

I balk.

But… I’m not done yet?

Jul 23
Curled up in covers.
Because no arms will hold me.
This is miserable.
You are breaking my heart.”

Jul 22
“Sorry I failed.
I saw red.
And then it just allowed me through.
Saw the image. Thanked god it wasn’t who I thought it was.
Because had it have been.
It would have been game on.
Scorned so hard by something.
I would have lit starbucks on fire.
We seemingly need to speak on this though.
I’m sorry I stooped to your level.
But in the moment it made sense.
It would have explained so much.
Regret. Yes
Ability to do anything about it?

“Nother day in solitude.
Strangely jovial.
But turned down by many.
Whether for conversation or company.
Brett told me I looked good. Happy.
That’s a positive.”

“Cold feet
And purple toes
What’s happening?”

“Twice so far we’ve had sex.
Twice so far you’ve spent the night.
Once we have eaten to together.
July is failing.”

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